Debashis Dey

Covid 19 - end of human race ?

Covid 19 — a Transition Phase for the Human Race?

Dream of a Green Earth

When I was young I read stories about World war 1 and World war 2. I had a hidden desire that maybe some day soon we will experience World war 3! Which never happened ! With some country head experimenting with missiles, some sending out killer drones while some suffocating opposition, I expected something to happen soon. And a post apocalypse clean yet green world emerging out of it. But somehow it never happened and the downgrading continued — downgrading of the human race. Technology dominated in every field suppressing the basic human spirit and attributes, while consumerism engulfed every aspect of existence. We started living a predictable, mechanical life driven by media chasing ‘more’ in every sphere… happiness got defined by possessions and positions. We exploited our host — mother earth, polluted oceans, screwed up the air we breathe, made species extinct, reduced vegetation, natural habitats and got far removed from a natural existence!

The Intelligence of Nature is difficult to comprehend

The most important characteristics of Nature can be found in respect of redundancy, adaptability and balance. Believe me, there is no place of redundancy in nature. If there is no use of your little finger or your ears or your hair they will disappear… If you invent cars and use them — your knees will go weak and cease to exist in the long run — in between it will make a few specialist doctors and pharma companies rich. Similarly if we start eating plastics — we will have some indigestion and other issues initially but, make it an habit — the body will start adapting in a few hundred years! With so much technological innovation — a time will come in near future (provided we survive in a concrete conurbation sans vegetation) when we will loose almost all our physical attributes and become jelly fish like blobs with a just a fractional brain and two fingers in each hand — for pressing buttons. Fractional brain, as the dependency on machines for computation will make it redundant also !

Now, imagine a garden — one with trees, plants, beautiful flowers, singing birds, animals, clear water bodies, fishes , clean air, etc.etc. A place to enjoy and feel the bliss — alone or in a group. Sitting below a tree, watching the flowers bloom below a clear blue sky , listening to bird songs and feeling the gentle breeze on your face… how peaceful and enjoyable that can be! Our earth was just like this ! Now imagine a group of people digging up the ground , cutting the trees, burning them, uprooting plants, spoiling everything, every inch of the paradise… what would you do if you were the owner of the garden — throw them out or simply sit with your eyes closed? For earth — the universe, or the system or what we call nature is the owner — the guardian. So if you are disturbing the balance, the system will come into act and simply make you extinct. You might think that you are at the top of the system and in control of all things but its not so — your superiority is just an illusion. The intelligence of nature is beyond our comprehension. No one can be bigger than the system and neither one can bend the rules. Of course there are people who don’t see a system and consider everything to be a product of chaos. Maybe at a micro level it seems so — where we cannot find a justification , a reason or a formula applicable to everything happening. But in a broader perspective on a scale of universe there is something which maybe beyond our mental understanding. Just look at our genetic code — write the entire code on paper and the paper will cover the earth and we still understand a small fraction of it…

We have done a lot of damage to the planet or the system in which we exist — assuming all the time that the system is inert and just an object of exploitation. We never thought that the system is self balancing and the system is intelligent enough to restart, reboot, rewrite everything on its own. Either with us or without us it does not matter.

The Sars Cov 2 Virus

We have seen or heard of plague’s before… how it devastated civilisation. These were warnings… the more we progress(?) the more complicated virus comes out. And then a time comes when it goes beyond control — beyond money, beyond intelligence, beyond technology. The Sars Cov 2 virus is the latest entrant — a mutant ninja like virus which can pass on from one human to another while sparing animals, air, water, plants and every other members. A mutant virus beyond the comprehension of medical research which focuses exclusively on profit now. A virus which forces us to stay in isolation, which destroys economies, exploitation and more. In short a virus which destroys the flawed foundation of our existence and anything that threatens the system — the planet. We just need to open our eyes now while we stay indoors- to see the clear blue skies, the birds singing, the flowers blooming, the animals roaming freely, kids playing with parents, the oceans cleaning up, the ozone layer repairing, the air getting better and think — think in retrospect on where we went wrong.

I will not get into the fact on whether the virus is man made or the hundred of conspiracy theories doing rounds. Be it man made or otherwise — we are all part of the system. And the system is hard coded or programmed to generate such by-products at appropriate times. It is also a fact that not everyone is active part of the exploitation and some of us were really worried and concerned with the ongoing damage to the planet. But collateral damage cannot be avoided. At a macro level everything looks fine with the earth healing, repairing and rebooting, while we stay locked up for survival. We start appreciating a lot a forgotten things, holding on to life in the best possible way we can. But what is needed is revisiting the basic questions — the basic purpose of existence, analysing the level of our greed, understanding how we failed as a human race …

Is it the time for a new species — are they already there ?