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Mastarang Village

Towards Mastarang

Further down from Rakcham about three kilometers you will reach a military outpost for ITBP. The name of the place is Mastarang. A few steps ahead and you will find a stream which crosses the road and goes down the other side. Pines, poplars and deodars are abundant here and together with the stream they form a small world of their own. A small clearing on the right offers a decent place to seat and listen to the stream kissing small rocks and splashing across the bigger ones. This is also Tendua (leopard) territory and with no habitats around they rule this part preying on stray cattle and dogs. Even the shepherds here who stay higher up uses metal collars for their dogs. I do love Mastarang and advice everyone to halt here for a few minutes to soak up the fresh smell floating in abundance here.