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Murmur of The Lonely Brook

Murmur of The Lonely Brook

ISBN: 978-0-9881700-0-1
LCCN: 2012913706

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Murmur of the Lonely Brook” a family saga set in the timeless rhythm of life today in the Tibet Himalayas.The story is inspired by the journey of a tribal woman through fire.

When Nisha married Pravin and ran away with him to a village in the Tibet Himalayas, little did she know that a blizzard in the form of an ancient tradition was brewing at a distance. A blizzard that threatens to crumble her universe, her dignity and her self respect.

Nisha loves her husband Pravin but also enjoys the infatuation from his brother. She spends her days happily with a perpetually sad mother-in-law Parvati repenting on her past life sins, a short tempered Shevak, a love-stricken sister-in-law Jyoti, a kid goat munching everything, a lamb with a baritone bleat and her husband’s brother Diwakar lost in dreams. Everything goes well until Nisha’s life is torn apart by a proposal, and assumed betrayal, by the one and only love of her life, her husband Pravin.

Nisha is distressed and loses interest in life. She gets tormented trapped between her values and age old customs….

Will she be able come out of her distress ?
Save her dignity and self respect ?
Will she compromise her values ?
Will she fight the age old traditions ?

Murmur of The Lonely Brook is a story of life, love and hardship with the sights, sounds and smells that make the people and their hopes and dreams and fears come alive.



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